31822 Philips Wawel LED White 20W Tunable Ceiling Light

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Design and Finishing

Material: synthetics

Color: white

Technical Specifications

Mains Power: 220V / 50-60hz

Lumen: 1800lm (2700K _ 6500K)

Fixture Dimmable: Yes

Power: 30W

LED: Yes

Built in LED: Yes

IP Code: IP20 / protection against objects bigger than 12.5mm / no protection against water

Class of protection: II _ double insulated

Product Dimensions & Weight

Height: 5.7cm

Length: 45.5cm

Width: 45.5cm

Packaging dimensions & Weight

Height: 56.7cm

Length: 55.3cm

Width: 13.3cm

Weight: 4.488kg


Especially designed for: Functional / home office & Living

Style: Functional

Type: Ceiling light

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